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Our Mission

Behailu Academy empowers youth to find and use their voices through the arts, academic support, and community service.

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Our Goals

EMPOWER youth to live up to their potential. PROVIDE high quality arts experiences for teens. ENGAGE teens in projects that foster creativity, critical thinking, and social responsibility. INCREASE students' access and exposure to enrichment, education, and employment opportunities. PREPARE youth to be active, responsible, and self-sufficient citizens after high school graduation.

Our Programs

At Behailu Academy we offer a range of arts classes and academic support to students from some of our area's underserved schools. We offer our students a chance to find positive modes of expression in an environment that encourages creativity, academic achievement, and mutual support.


Our students choose from a number of arts classes during each of our three sessions throughout the year. Drawing, painting, theatre, photography, music, and martial arts are all part of our programming.


Our academic coordinator helps our students focus on what matters most. From grades to graduation requirements, and beyond, we're focused on helping our students do their best in school.

Life Skills

Living and working in community with others. Using good communication skills. Seeking creative solutions to life's challenging issues. We help our students learn to navigate, and to chart a healthy course through life.


Behailu Academy is in the process of developing programming to address the seemingly cavernous stretch between high school graduation, and all that lies ahead. In the coming months we will be unveiling our approach to giving our students the best chance for success in life.


Give Your Time

When you give your time, you directly benefit our students - either by working with them, or by helping out around Behailu Academy. We welcome volunteers and invite you to learn more about our volunteer program.

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Give Financial Support

Our work is made possible through the generous financial support of a wide range of companies, individuals, and organizations. Behailu Academy is a 501(c)3 organization, and all monetary donations are tax deductible.

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Pick From Our Wish List

Prefer to give tangible goods? We love to receive things we need! Take a look at our wish lists on our website and on our Amazon Wish List. You can even donate through Smile.Amazon.com! We are deeply grateful for your help!

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