451 E. 36th Street Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

Our Impact

In 2014-2015 we conducted a survey of our students and their families.  Here’s what we found:

Our Students
● 90% of our teens said they experienced an increased interest in the arts
● 80% have a mentor or adult to look up to at Behailu Academy
● 88% of our students expressed an increased self-confidence (said “Behailu Academy helped me find my voice”)
● 80% of our students said they felt they had an improved ability to make healthy choices

Our Students’ Families
● 95% of our students families observed that teens’ demonstrated an increased interest in arts
● 95% reported their child has a mentor at Behailu Academy
● 95% of our students’ families agree their child had opportunities to participate in enrichment activities and community service projects
● 75% believe their child is better prepared for college and life after graduation

About our impact on the community:
In our first three years:
● 100% of seniors, 18 total, graduated from high school
● 100% of graduates are enrolled in college, military, or the workforce
● At the beginning of year four, 20% of students are enrolled for their second year, 30% of teens enrolled are entering their 3rd or 4th at Behailu